AO76 AO76 is a Belgian label which creates cool sportswear for genuine boys and girls from 4 to 16 years old. The world AO76 is natural and authentic - durable fashion for curious and adventurous kids. Ethical entrepreneurship and respect for men and nature are AO76’s core values. People at AO76 are not huge fans of fast fashion and prefer contemporary timelessness.

Eyes on the future - rooted in the earth.

A wild bunch of adventurous boys and girls get lost in the wild and explore the Far West this summer. Away from civilisation, they rediscover the quietness and beauty of nature - with fauna and flora as sole companions, they enjoy the simplicity of every new day. Like pioneers discovering a new world, they wander amidst a seemingly endless scenery of unspoilt landscapes. They see the sun rise through the waving grass of the prairie. They roam through the gorges and red rocks of the desert, and build their camp along a rolling river. After a long journey, they head to the ocean to relax in the shades of the palm trees.

Their cool and practical clothes move with them - cause even going into the wild is done in AO76 style.