Mara Mea

Mara Mea

mara mea was founded by Dorina Hartmann and Maren Will - two imaginative designers from Berlin. Maren specialises in children’s fashion and Dorina in women’s wear. Believing their skills complemented each other perfectly - they decided to found the maternity label mara mea in early 2015.

mara mea’s philosophy is not only built on the careful selection of materials for long-lasting quality, but also on a high standard of functionality, interesting and unique designs and bold colours. Fairness is a central component of mara mea, which includes ensuring fair manufacturing techniques. mara mea uses natural and sustainable materials following European quality standards.

mara mea has a clear idea of how diaper bags and accessories for the modern woman and mother should be: Daily multi-functional 'companions' with high design requirements before, during and after the infancy period. mara mea views mothers not just as mothers, but more importantly as women – a modern woman with high requirements of design, functionality and comfort. mara mea develops timeless but trendy products, which, thanks to their versatility, support women in many aspects of motherhood and day-to-day life.

The word Mea is Latin and means 'My Love', and coincides with the company’s overall philosophy of promoting and reinforcing motherly love.

Made for mamas - loved by women.