Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses is located in Mataró, by the Mediterranean Sea, about thirty miles from the city of Barcelona. Occupying an old toy factory two blocks from the beach, you can recognize the offices by the two giant colored rhombi painted on the main doors.

Bobo Choses was born in 2008 with the idea of creating a clothing brand that could capture the magical, passionate look and language of children. The first collection - 'The Englishman and the Sitting Bull' in 2009 - was successfully received by both public and media. Since then, their growth has been constant: BC garments, made locally, can be found in more than thirty countries.

Bobo Choses’ team works passionately to create innovative and fun worlds for children. The creative department is led by Adriana Esperalba, founder and creative director of the company. Each collection tells a story that is published as a children’s book, making clothes special and meaningful. People at Bobo Choses love hand-illustrated prints that go along with carefully selected colours and fabrics in comfortable shapes.

Bobo Choses speaks the language of children - the core values are creativity, passion, honesty and a sense of humor.

What would we do if bees were to disappear ? These little insects provide the food we all eat one way or another. But honey bees are disappearing globally at an alarming rate. Looking after the bees means looking after ourselves. And the best way to do it is by planting a garden. It doesn’t matter how small it is - bees will make sure it grows. Bobo Choses’ New Spring Summer 2019 collection 'To Make a Garden' is a global call for saving the bees by planting gardens everywhere, everytime. Make the bees happy - never stop planting !