Kartotek Copenhagen

Kartotek Copenhagen Kartotek Copenhagen is a Danish stationery and design brand based in Copenhagen and founded by Julie Warberg in 2014. With her background and education in psychology, Julie invites you into a setting where pen and paper help you find calmness in your fast-paced everyday life - creating space for thoughts and appreciation. Kartotek Copenhagen designs for the small everyday moments where we are at peace with ourselves or share time with those we care for - where presence and focus are of the essence. People at Kartotek Copenhagen search for ways to slow the pace of everyday life and make these small moments feel special. One of the sentences you would hear most often in Kartotek Copenhagen's design process is "Could we make it more simple?" - The vision is to create designs that reflect the Scandinavian simplicity with a modern and yet classical graphic touch & to combine this with high quality materials and good craftsmanship. Kartotek Copenhagen creates paper products such as notebooks, notepads, planners, calendars and cards and works only with the finest Scandinavian paper qualities, while everything is produced in Europe.