Memobottle™ The memobottle™ is a premium, reusable, flat water bottle designed to fit where other bottles don’t - in your bag alongside computers, books and valuables. Every element of the memobottle™ has been carefully considered, from its innovative shape to the premium grade packaging. memobottle™ aims to challenge how we as a society think about water consumption, and to educate about the environmental costs of modern conveniences.
The memobottle™ project proudly supports and every memobottle™ sold provides one person with two months' access to clean water. Together with - a non-profit-organisation that works in developing nations to provide clean drinking water to those in need - memobottle™ has provided 2.247.992 days of clean drinking water to people in need.
memobottle™ is leading a one bottle movement to inspire a more reusable community and reduce single-use bottle consumption. By saying no to disposable bottles and supporting the movement, you are participating in the fight against the throw-away culture - join the #onebottlemovement !