waytoplay offers fun without wires, wifi or screens: Sybren and Marise - the two creators, designers and people behind the brand - believe in the creative force of children. With children in the driving seat, the road tracks let the imagination pave the way to adventure - there are no maps and the toy road can be expanded endlessly for a never ending adventure. The roads are the tools and the children make the rules - endless, open enjoyment! With the various road segment shapes included in the waytoplay sets, a child can build its own route, find its own way and discover a new world: long, short, curvy or straight, with other toys or without - it’s all good.

The rich creativity and imagination in any child is best stimulated with 'open ended' toys - toys that have no set goal, target or result. No concrete problem to be solved, no points to be scored - simply to be enjoyed by doing, discovering, trying and playing. Once children discover that they themselves are free to create their own game, their imagination blossoms. People at waytoplay call that: 'pressing the PLAY button'.

Before your child goes on an adventure, the road segments have enjoyed a road trip of their own. To ensure to high safety and quality standards, Sybren and Marise control the entire production process themselves & only work with partners they know and trust. W2P road tracks are made of 100% child-safe and durable PVC and they conform to the highest USA and European EN-71 norm for toys. All resources used are sourced in Germany - that means it’s produced locally, reliable, certified and registered. The road segments are made and shaped in Germany after which the all important road markings are added in The Netherlands.

The future is bright and Sybren and Marise’s sights are set on 'route 2021': a challenge that will take waytoplay to new, exciting places. The intention is to start producing all road segments from bio-based materials & to go circular, for example by recycling materials.

"Tiny fans are our future, our motivation for choosing the sustainable route - something we believe in with all our hearts. As long as kids play on the floor, creating adventures and connections with our road segments, that is 'our way to play'."

⎯ Sybren (creator & designer)